Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Colonel Thomas Ballard's Regiment of Foot

Here's the second regiment I mentioned yesterday. These are Colonel Thomas Ballard's Regiment of Foot from the Earl of Essex's army. All pictures are clickable! I'm really pleased with the command stand- both the layout (a sort of wedge) and the look of the miniatures with their tassets and sashes. 

The 42 minis were beautifully painted by Shaun McTague, and are Bicornes with a modest admixture of Renegade Miniatures. The flags are Flags of War. The bases are, again, my Batbases- I did the basing and the flags.

It's not very clear in the photo but there's a dead horse on the pike base- I modified this from a Bicorne horse and they very kindly cast some up for me.

This gets me up to 18 battalia, not I need to add some more regiments of horse- oh, and some artillery!  I'm considering building towards the OOB of one of the historical battles- Cheriton, perhaps.


  1. Lovely, lovely looking figures and bases once again:)

  2. Congratulations Simon! another great unit to your army.

  3. Spectacular and beautiful!

  4. Amazing. Those flags look brilliant.

  5. Two more great looking units (Gerard’s and Ballard’s).
    You, Sir, are relentless!