Sunday, 28 January 2018

"Dutch"-style horse

Here's the first unit of "Dutch"-style horse for For King and Parliament (click to enlarge).

Most likely Parliamentarians, these are drawn up in similar depth to Friday's Lobsters. I chose to use standing horses as the early-war Parliamentarians often stood to receive the Royalist charges with their carbines and pistols.  I want another three similar units, so that I can do Roundway Down.

Thes minis were mostly (superbly) painted by David Imrie and Chris Meacham and the unit is certainly my finest cavalry regiment, so far. Again they'll be drawn in in three troops with small intervals in between. If you are planning to game using the rules, there is no need to use this many miniatures!

PS most of the minis are Bicorne (there are a few TAGs amongst them), and the cornets are from Flags of War.

Friday, 26 January 2018


Here's the one and only regimental-sized force of cuirassiers in the English Civil War, Sir Arthur Hesilrige's famous London Lobsters (please click on the photo for an enlarged view). 

This regiment was built around a core of 12 minis I swapped for with Saxon Dog, with the additional minis painted by Shaun McTague and finished by me. They are on my new ECW Batbases (which I really must get into the shop!).

The lobsters fought in deep formation, relying principally on firepower. At Roundway Down, they were overcome after a stiff fight. Their subsequent rout took them down a precipitous slope and many were killed; they were, later, reformed but probably without the expensive cuirassier armour.

In For King and Parliament, cuirassiers receive a +1 on their save when in melee or shot at (except by artillery!). I should explain that there's no need to use this many minis to represent a unit, it's just my megalomania striking (yet again!). On the table there will be intervals between the three troops.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

...and I'm back.

All through the wintertime, I've hid myself away painting and basing for the Salute ECW game, whilst finishing the forthcoming "For King and Parliament!" English Civil War rules, with Andrew Brentnall and others including (but far from limited to) Millsy and Ian Notter.

Here are some lovely Bicorne minis (clickable photo) painted by the highly talented Redzed. Charles I (holding map) and Sir Edward Walker are discussing dispositions for a forthcoming battle, whilst the young Prince of Wales looks on. In attendance are various flunkeys and some dismounted gentleman pensioners. The standard isn't intended to be the Royal Standard; Sir Edmund Verney will carry a larger version of that, on a separate base. The minis (and the colour schemes) are based on a lovely illustration in Philip Haythornthwaite's excellent "The English Civil War, 1642-1651: An Illustrated Military History." There is every chance that they will make the cover of the rules....

The base is one of the new command Batbases with my famous wobbly edge.