Tuesday, 29 August 2017

King's Lifeguard of Foote, mustered

I've been slowly chipping away at modelling my new ECW army for a hopeful Salute game in 2018; I've just added the wings of shotte to the King's Lifeguard of Foote; I have tried to give an impression of them closed up to fire salvee (although I don't have the perfect poses for this). Photos are clickable.

Some of the minis were painted by Chris Meacham, others by Shaun McTague, and a few by me.

I have worked out that I need to finish/base around three regiments of foot or horse each month before Salute. Gulp.

Andrew (and Ian and I) will be bringing his impressive 12mm Battle of Lessie's Moor game to Colours at Newbury on 16th September, and I'll be bringing the advanced guard of my own 28mm ECW army. If you are around, please call by and say hello- or stay and turn a few cards with us!