Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Colonel Thomas Ballard's Regiment of Foot

Here's the second regiment I mentioned yesterday. These are Colonel Thomas Ballard's Regiment of Foot from the Earl of Essex's army. All pictures are clickable! I'm really pleased with the command stand- both the layout (a sort of wedge) and the look of the miniatures with their tassets and sashes. 

The 42 minis were beautifully painted by Shaun McTague, and are Bicornes with a modest admixture of Renegade Miniatures. The flags are Flags of War. The bases are, again, my Batbases- I did the basing and the flags.

It's not very clear in the photo but there's a dead horse on the pike base- I modified this from a Bicorne horse and they very kindly cast some up for me.

This gets me up to 18 battalia, not I need to add some more regiments of horse- oh, and some artillery!  I'm considering building towards the OOB of one of the historical battles- Cheriton, perhaps.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Sir Charles Gerard’s Regiment of Foot

I've been very slack with the blog posts recently but will hopefully catch up in the coming weeks! This is Charles Gerard's regiment, from the King's Oxford army. They fought at Edgehill and First Newbury- there's more about it on BCW. NB all photos will expand if clicked!

The miniatures are all Bicornes, painted by Chris Meacham. The lovely flags are GMB- Gerrard's has a gyronny design, the finest ECW flag style in my opinion. 

The bases are my FK&P batbases for a 30cm grid, which can now be bought from the BigRedBatshop. I'll shortly be adding bases that will work with a 20cm grid.

In other news.... I have lots of ECW regiments that are finished but I've not had time to take photos- I will try to catch up in the coming days!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Warfare miniatures for sale

Apologies for this brief commercial break!

I have a few Warfare (League of Augsberg) late c17th minis for sale- 64 minis plus two guns (including one large positional gun) and two limbers. These are mint and mostly in the original baggies. List of packs: WLOA2 x 3, WLOA4x2 (1 mini missing), WLOA7, WLOA10, WLOA11, WLOA12, WLOA13, WLOA14, WLOA17, WLOA18 and 2 x Limbers. RRP around 107GBP- I’ll take 65GBP + P&P or swap for 100GBP-worth of minis from the North Star 1672 range or the Front Rank c.17th or WSS ranges. 

I also have 17 dismounted miniatures (below) which I think are dragoons and 15 mounted miniatures which are charging cavalry in hats and mounted command. They are all primed grey with some of the cavalry painted in red tunics. I think there are around GBP80 worth of minis here- I'd either take GBP50 plus postage or swap for GBP80-worth of minis from the North Star 1672 range or the Front Rank c.17th or WSS ranges.  

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Hold your horses!

Reinforcements for Sunday's Partizan game. These are horse holders for Colonel Washington's dragoons and will sit behind a hedge, all day, doing absolutely nothing except for looking pretty. Minis are super Bicornes, which a few Redoubt horses for variety, painted by Shaun McTague.

There are enough horses to mount one of the units of dismounted dragoons. Next I'll need to ask Shaun to paint 18 mounted dragoons. Dragoons are a harsh mistress!

Andrew and I hope that some of you will see our Soggy Bottoms at Partizan on Sunday- we still have slots for players for the afternoon game- drop me a line if you'd like to play!

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Salute For King and Parliament close-ups

Alan and Elaine Daniels very kindly took some in-action shots of the Saltue "For King and Parliament" game at Salute- they came out very well! Here are a selection. All of the photos will enlarge if clicked on.

Above are Apsleys, I believe, and below one of the Royalist Irish regiments, in their smart yellow jackets.

Toiling gunners!

Essex' regiment, or, as Shaun McTague (who painted them) refers to them, "The Pumpkins."

Above and below- one of my two Lifeguard battalia. Sometimes the larger regiments, with a nominal strength of 1000 or more, could field two battalia of 500. The Lifeguard are from the Oxford army and many wear montero hats.

 ...and finally, above, John Hampden's Parliamentarian regiment.

It was very nice to see Alan and Elaine again- they do very well to get such photos during play and in the harsh lighting conditions at Salute!

I am please to report that the For King and Parliament rules are sellling very well- I'm over half way throught the print run, to the relief of my family, as the high and tottering pile of boxes of books in my hallway is no longer life-threatening. ;-)

PS We will have the game at Partizan on Sunday 20th May - please mail me if you'd like to play!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Welcome to Soggy Bottom

The (clickable) Borsetshire village of Soggy Botton will feature in our Salute game on Saturday week. All of the buildings are painted- the red-primed areas need to be textured and covered with mud or grass, and the brown strips around the edges with wattle fences. All the buildings, except for the tithe barn, are from Hovels' splendid 25/28mm range. 

If you are coming to Salute please make a beeline to us and say hello! We have spaces for up to a dozen players in the morning and afternoon. Many cards will be turned...

We are GG07, near the stage in the centre, circled white in the below diagram. As well as my 28mm game, For King and Parliament co-author Andrew Brentnall will be bringing the same battle in 10/12mm. 

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Preparations for Salute

Above are the "reinforcements" for the Salute game- eight regiments of horse and six of foot- have a click!. Chum Ian has been helping me to grout the bases- just 2 regiments remain ungrouted- next week comes the dreaded flockathon that precedes any show game. 

A huge thanks to everyone who has bought the "For King and Parliament" rules so far- sales are off to a storming start! By close of play today I should have all the remaining orders despatched. At one stage, I ran out of chits but I have restocked, so if you couldn't get your dash chits they are in the shop, now.