Thursday, 29 March 2018

Preparations for Salute

Above are the "reinforcements" for the Salute game- eight regiments of horse and six of foot- have a click!. Chum Ian has been helping me to grout the bases- just 2 regiments remain ungrouted- next week comes the dreaded flockathon that precedes any show game. 

A huge thanks to everyone who has bought the "For King and Parliament" rules so far- sales are off to a storming start! By close of play today I should have all the remaining orders despatched. At one stage, I ran out of chits but I have restocked, so if you couldn't get your dash chits they are in the shop, now.


  1. A very impressive set of figures and really look forward to seeing them at Salute.

  2. Well written rules that are easy to understand and learn. I look forward to using them.

    1. I'm pleased that you liek the look of them, Ivor!

  3. Looking forward to getting the rules and seeing the game at salute!
    Best Iain