Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Welcome to Soggy Bottom

The (clickable) Borsetshire village of Soggy Botton will feature in our Salute game on Saturday week. All of the buildings are painted- the red-primed areas need to be textured and covered with mud or grass, and the brown strips around the edges with wattle fences. All the buildings, except for the tithe barn, are from Hovels' splendid 25/28mm range. 

If you are coming to Salute please make a beeline to us and say hello! We have spaces for up to a dozen players in the morning and afternoon. Many cards will be turned...

We are GG07, near the stage in the centre, circled white in the below diagram. As well as my 28mm game, For King and Parliament co-author Andrew Brentnall will be bringing the same battle in 10/12mm. 


  1. Soggy Bottom is looking rather splendid and can't wait to see both games. I doubt I'll get time to turn some cards, but you never know...

    1. The Hovels buildings are lovely; I wish they did more variants!

  2. It seems we are near neighbours on the day Simon - not too much laughter and enjoying yourself please !

  3.'ll need earrplugs to muffle the blasphemies. ;-) Which game are you?

  4. Ian Smith & Friends although there are precious few of those these days 😊 - Mine is a 40mm ACW game

  5. Best of luck with the show mate. I only wish I could be there too!