Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Mustering horse for Salute

It is that season of year when a man's mind turns to basing. This year I need to round out my ECW armies and am making a partucular push on cavalry; there are 160-odd horse above, a mix of "Swedes" and "Dutch". I've also the first of three or four infantry battalia and a Charles I mounted command stand.

It''s going to be a heck of a busy month, especially since I plan to start selling the new rules around the 1st April.


  1. I'm not that keen on basing, even less on rebasing! Lovely looking cavalry and command stand!
    Best Iain

  2. I feel your pain Simon - I have done a critical path working backwards from Salute and plugged in everything I have to do - as long as today is November the 11th I can do it , unfortunately ....... beware the ides of March - Ian

    1. I'll be ready for Salute... by Partizan! :-)