Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Major Undertaking's Shotte

This is NOT the same battalia as yesterday, although it does incorporate some of the same miniatures. This is Major Untertaking's Royalist commanded shot; the photo is clckable. Commanded shot were musketeers detached from their parent battalia for special purposes such as defending or contending woods or villeges, where pike would not fare well. In FK&P they will struggle, when in the open, against enemy formations with pikemen, or enemy horse. However, they can ably defend a hedge or hamlet.

The miniatures are Bicornes painted by Shaun McTague. The unit incorporates two stands of six shot from the 19cm-frontage small battalia of yesterday, and another 15 shot and command minis. It is 26 cm wide. I decided that Major Untertaking would bring his flag along with him, as a rallying point, although there is no historical evidence for this.


  1. A little bit similar to the previous one actually ... and just as splendid!

    1. Very similar- half are from the same unit! :-)

  2. Love the cinematic look of your bases.

  3. Thanks- I have another unit to post later...