Saturday, 10 February 2018

Colonel Hampden

John Hampden was a Member of Parliament for Buckinghamshire- one of the five who fled when the King raided the House and trued to capture them. A prominent and respected Parliamentarian politician, he also served in the field as a colonel of the famous greencoated regiment of foot which he raised from his Buckinghamshire estates. He guarded the baggage at Edgehill, commanded a brigade at Turnham Green and participated in the siege of Reading.

In 1643, whilst away from his regiment, he volunteered as a common trooper to join a force of cavalry that were engaged in the pursuit of a raiding Royalist force led by Prince Rupert. At Chalgrove Field, on 17th June he was severely wounded in the shouder, possibly as a result of his own pistol exploding. He died of his wounds six days later, and was sorely missed as a moderate politician who nonetheless managed to remain on good terms with the more militant Parliamentarians.

I have based him as a colonel for King and Parliament where he will lead a brigade of three or four regiments. The Bicorne mini was painted by David Imrie, I believe, and I've placed them on one of my new circular batbases. Now I need to get his regiment based up...


  1. Nice historical background and great looking vignette Simon...

  2. Merci Phil. He sounds like a good man; a shame he perished so early in the war since he was a moderate.

  3. Terrific vignette! He doth, upon closer examination, appear to display a lack enthusiasm for the preacher's remonstrances.

  4. Yes - long suffering disdain. :-)

  5. Nice figure and basing, so does each brigade have a separate command?
    Best Iain

    1. Hi Iain, yes most do, although not all. Including generals, there will be roughly one command stand per three or four units.

  6. Autograph hunters follow you everywhere, don't they?
    ; )
    Lovely vignette, Simon, and those Batbases certainly look the business alright!