Monday, 23 May 2022

Roundway Down at Partizan

This weekend Andrew Brentnall and I enjoyed a very jolly weekend at Partizan with the Roundway Down game based on the For King and Parliament scenario that we wrote together, a few years ago. The game is perhaps best viewed in this 90-second video.

Above is the game as set up.  I had been apprehensive about a hill-failure, but mercifully it held together. The hill was perhaps 15" tall at the top.

Below is a shot from the first game- Andy Green (left) as the Royalists got off to a shocking start with some terrible cards, but pulled it around and came close to beating Matthew Hotston (with Andrew). All the photos are clickable.

Here are a couple of shots of the protagonists- Parliamentarians above and Royalists below.

Alas I got not photos of the second game, which was even closer than the first, ending, this time, in a narrow Royalist victory. 

Above, Andrew brought his alternative version of the scenario, in 6mm, which generated quite a bit of interest.

I was very pleased with the general balance of the scenario, which you can find here.  We might take the game to a couple of other events in the South, later this year. I have an idea to extend the board so that I can depict the Bloody Ditch and the Parliamentarian baggage train at Oliver's Castle.

Huge thanks to Andrew who worked very hard on the running the games whilst I nattered with bystanders. 

As ever, Partizan was a great event- very well run, a credit to the organisers. It's always fantastic to catch up with so many friends.  There are always a ton of lovely looking historical games, and no time at all for me to see them! 


  1. Look amazing Simon. Such a different feel with the actual lay of the land represented. Well done mate!

  2. Very nice armies on an empty battlefield. I love your blog and just found it.