Monday, 17 September 2018

Soggy Bottom - the Royalist left

On Saturday, Andrew Brentnall, Tim Thompson, Ian Notter and I took Soggy Bottom to Colours. This is the demo game for the For King and Parliament rules, designed so we can use all my completed units. Above is a (click to enlarge) view of sundry Royalist regiments advancing on the eponymous village, taken from the Royalist ridge. All the other photos are of the Parliamentarian right wing and Royalist left.

Here are Colonel James Wardlawe’s dragoons, who held the Parliamentarian extreme right in both games. During the second game, half of them even tried a mounted charge, a la Okey, but with rather less success.

Above, Oliver Cromwell led the famous (but newly painted and consequently ill-omened) Ironsides to their doom, in both games. In the first he was killed, in the second merely wounded. Below, you can see the six troops on the left, these were recently painted for me by Steve Spence. Grahame Black of GMB very kindly made up the flags for me (I was one short, so used a Northern Parliamentarian flag) you can buy them here. Facing them are the front two regiments of the Royalist Northern Horse.

Above is a closeup of one Ironside troop and the flag of Captain William Packer. The new flags are lovely... Below are the King's Lifeguard of Horse, left, and a third regiment of the Northern horse, right.

So that's it for today, more photos in a day or so and there . Both games were great fun and at times there were twenty or so people round the table. If you are interested, the rules can be found here.


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    1. Thanks Jonathan! These aren't even the best photos... :-)

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    1. Thanks Aaron! I'm quite taking to the whiff of powder. :-)

  3. Awesome pictures, figures and terrain...very impressive!

  4. Looks great! Some of the plain cavalry banners could use a device, political cartoon, or similar, perhaps?

    1. Yes I might replace the plain ones, over time.

  5. Wonderful! That photos wit hall the cavalry cornets is amazing!