Thursday, 17 May 2018

Hold your horses!

Reinforcements for Sunday's Partizan game. These are horse holders for Colonel Washington's dragoons and will sit behind a hedge, all day, doing absolutely nothing except for looking pretty. Minis are super Bicornes, which a few Redoubt horses for variety, painted by Shaun McTague.

There are enough horses to mount one of the units of dismounted dragoons. Next I'll need to ask Shaun to paint 18 mounted dragoons. Dragoons are a harsh mistress!

Andrew and I hope that some of you will see our Soggy Bottoms at Partizan on Sunday- we still have slots for players for the afternoon game- drop me a line if you'd like to play!


  1. Very lovely bases, Simon and taken together a very lively vignette. From simply a rules standpoint, I assume each one could represent the dismount point for a unit of Dragoons?

  2. Hi Bill, they could, if my mild OCD would permit it. ;-) There are just enough horses for the dismounted dragoons to mount, so I'll need more horses for my second unit of dragoons.

  3. Dynamic and splendid vignette, inspired job!