Thursday, 26 April 2018

Salute For King and Parliament close-ups

Alan and Elaine Daniels very kindly took some in-action shots of the Saltue "For King and Parliament" game at Salute- they came out very well! Here are a selection. All of the photos will enlarge if clicked on.

Above are Apsleys, I believe, and below one of the Royalist Irish regiments, in their smart yellow jackets.

Toiling gunners!

Essex' regiment, or, as Shaun McTague (who painted them) refers to them, "The Pumpkins."

Above and below- one of my two Lifeguard battalia. Sometimes the larger regiments, with a nominal strength of 1000 or more, could field two battalia of 500. The Lifeguard are from the Oxford army and many wear montero hats.

 ...and finally, above, John Hampden's Parliamentarian regiment.

It was very nice to see Alan and Elaine again- they do very well to get such photos during play and in the harsh lighting conditions at Salute!

I am please to report that the For King and Parliament rules are sellling very well- I'm over half way throught the print run, to the relief of my family, as the high and tottering pile of boxes of books in my hallway is no longer life-threatening. ;-)

PS We will have the game at Partizan on Sunday 20th May - please mail me if you'd like to play!


  1. I don't know how you take your pictures, but I'm jealous Simon...Wonderful figures AND photos!

  2. Chap called Alan Daniels- uses zoom and focus so that he doesn't need to use a flash. Great results!

  3. The regiments look fantastic!
    The Pumpkins coat Colour is very nice, do you know what colour was used?
    Also which guns did you use as they are huge!

  4. I'm afraid I don't know the coat colour- but I suspect there might have been GW Averland Sunset in it. The Guns are Bicornes. :-)

  5. Simply wonderful 'photos of a great game.

  6. Superb! Would love to play at Partizan. Just a little far from Oz but maybe one day.

  7. Wonderful stuff and great news regards the sales!

  8. A bit closer than Tarty but still a bit far to travel, would like to play otherwise.
    Probably the best pics yet and that’s saying a lot.

    1. Thanks Bill! It's a pity we are so far apart; photos will have to do.

  9. Fantastic photo's of some stunning mini's. Very impressed!

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