Thursday, 26 October 2017

Heroes in a half shell

A terrible, quickly snatched (clickable) photo, just for Millsy. Hesilrige's lobsters mustering on my new bases for "horse". They  are in the deeper Dutch formation, relying primarily on firepower.


  1. My word that's a lot of crayfish! Very impressive indeed. Such a pity they're fighting for the wrong side.

    1. Now, we've been through this before...

  2. My own "Dutch" regiments will be an unfeasible 27 strong. :-) It's odd how few supporters of Parliament there are. As I read more, I am gradually moving towards a neutral position.

  3. ...I have a few more cuirassiers for the Kings' Lifeguard of horse and perhaps the Gentlemen pensioners.

  4. Nice to see some parliamentarians to even things up, basing up my infantry regiments but have barely started the cavalry, your irregular bases look great.
    Best Iain

  5. Thanks re the bases. Hopefully will be flocked by the end of next week. They will deploy with gaps between the troops; I'm trying to get the look of the engravings.