Sunday, 12 November 2017

Meeples podcast

I recently had a fine chat with the guys at Meeples about forthcoming To the Strongest! developments and the forthcoming TtS! "For King and Parliament" English Civil War rules, which they have kindly made into a Podcast which you can download from here:-

It is always a great pleasure to chat with Neil, Mike and Mike!

In other news.... I now have 9 regiments of ECW foot on on bases (but not flocked), one of horse, some dragoons and some combined shot. It's coming on well! Alas I've had no time to photograph anything.  :-(


  1. Well done Simon! But a note to other would be listeners - you will have to wait for over fifty minutes before our hero puts in an appearance!

  2. Enjoyed the podcast.

    The "Dash" rule sounds brilliant! It could be applied to cavalry in many periods. Cavalry units have been known to over pursue in all ages and even today horses still get tired.

    In many wargames, cavalry units are able to charge many times, well beyond the endurance of horseflesh.
    This may be an excellent solution for "Galloping at Everything".