Monday, 17 December 2018

Soggy Bottom 1643 Scenario available!

In case you missed it on the TtS! newsletter, I've recently published Andrew Brentnall's super "Soggy Bottom 1643" scenario. Soggy Bottom is the large battle that I took around the UK show circuit this year, and very fine it looked, too!

Set in the county of Borsetshire, the scenario follows the Parliamentarian defeat at "Lessie's Moor" (another splendid scenario by Andrew, available for free download). Aid arrives for both factions, and a battle to decide the fate of Borsetshire is fought near to the usually quiet village of Soggy Bottom.

Both scenarios have been written for use with the popular "For King and Parliament" rules, but could easily be adapted for use with other sets of English Civil War rules. You can download them for free from here!


  1. Your scenarios look great, but they're quite large. It would be interesting to see a scenario with smaller forces that one could use as a learning tool for the rules.

    1. Hi Ken, yes this is a really large one. The one in the rulebook is much more modest, though, and Lessie's Moor somewhere in the middle. We are working on soem historical scenarios, and many of those are smaller.