Tuesday, 16 October 2018

More horseys!

I promised to add a couple more units for Sunday's SELWG For King and Parliament game, and here they are (clickable, of course).  These two regiments were relatively quick to recruit, since I just needed to paint up four minis, from scratch, and retouch another fifteen or so, to match some pretty minis I bought on eBay. The front regiment is Skinner's Kentish Horse and the rear regiment, Twistleton's, all cropheads.

You can see I'm using my cavalry Batbases, each of which take 6 minis, which I like to think of as a troop of around 70 horse. I've used my patented BigRedBatGunk basing material; the next step will be to flock it, later today, and then I can add tufts later in the week. These two give me a total of sixteen regiments of horse, representing some 4,000 ECW horsemen. I need at least ten more regiments for my projected Salute game. :-/

In other news I seem to have started an entirely new project in a different period, of which more, anon!