Sunday, 28 January 2018

"Dutch"-style horse

Here's the first unit of "Dutch"-style horse for For King and Parliament (click to enlarge).

Most likely Parliamentarians, these are drawn up in similar depth to Friday's Lobsters. I chose to use standing horses as the early-war Parliamentarians often stood to receive the Royalist charges with their carbines and pistols.  I want another three similar units, so that I can do Roundway Down.

Thes minis were mostly (superbly) painted by David Imrie and Chris Meacham and the unit is certainly my finest cavalry regiment, so far. Again they'll be drawn in in three troops with small intervals in between. If you are planning to game using the rules, there is no need to use this many miniatures!

PS most of the minis are Bicorne (there are a few TAGs amongst them), and the cornets are from Flags of War.


  1. Hi Simon, awaiting my ruleset in the post. Can you let me know what sizes of your bases you are using here? 3 bases of 3x3?

    1. Hi Troop- I used three double bases and three singles. The singles are exactly half the size of the doubles. i can send you a few samples...