Friday, 8 September 2017

Colonel John Talbot's Regiment

Here's my latest regiment, part-based; Colonel John Talbot's Regiment, from Ireland, which served in Hopton's army. All the splendid Bicorne minis were painted by Chris Meacham- I just did the flags (which are Flags of War and very nice, indeed). I particularly like this regiment's yellow coats. Pictures are clickable.

I have complete four regiments on bases now, with another two partially based and roughly ten more-or-less painted but unbased foot regiments.

Andrew Brentnall and I are putting on a demonstration game (above) of For King and Parliament at Colours on Saturday week. The game will feature Andrew's impressive 10-12mm collection, but I'll have some of the 28mm units with me and we will be demonstrating the coming "For King and Parliament" rules. Do please come by and say hello!