Thursday, 6 July 2017

Pike at charge

Last night, I couldn't resist basing another "at charge" pike stand. I feel very conflicted about lowered pike; they are hard to store, have a big footprint on the table and the command stand has to sit behind rather than being in front. And yet...

In this second photo, below, chum Ian Notter designed the bases so that they "lock" frontally and to the side. He has also very cleverly designed them so that a command base can lock midway in front or behind two other bases; darned clever! This is handy as I intend to take photos of double and quadruple sized regiments (for photos and fun rather than for gaming).

All minis by Chris Meacham (or possibly David Imrie). I plan to put a few more stands together, over the next week, and then I had better get back to ancients for a bit!


  1. Happy you've started a whole new blog for the period (and the new rules)! The interlocking basing is very interesting and to me at least, the flags behind pikes look perfectly fine (and logical).

    1. Thanks! Plan is that for most units the command stand will lead until combat; then fall back behind the pike. The lowered pike will need to be an exception....