Saturday, 1 July 2017

A new beginning!

Welcome to my new English Civil War-themed blog! 

It is early days, here, but this is a picture of the bases that I've designed for my own regiments. This is for a foot battalia; it is 25cm wide. The larger bases are each intended to take 12 shot or pike miniatures, and the smaller one at the front, 6-7 command miniatures.

I designed the bases and chum Ian laid them out using Inkscape- there are bases for everything (horse, guns, dragoons, different pike to shot ratios), and they all have wobbly edges but fit together. Martin at Warbases did a fine job cutting them! Later today I'll fit magnets and start to think about putting some lead on them.


  1. Well done and good luck!

    1. Merci Phil. You are quick off the mark! :-)

  2. Excellent! Your domination of the interweb has begun!

  3. I'm very disappointed in you! Having got me set off building ancients in 28mm scale (much against my own better judgement) you now swan off and start building blokes in silly, baggy trousers!

  4. I'm doing ancients too! :-) I must say I am loving painting ECW, though, just now.

  5. AFter a great week playing TTS, I am keen to see what the ECW version looks like, as I have just about finished basing two armies.
    How does one get a hold of the rules?

  6. Hi Philip,

    Alas one doesn't (quite yet). They are substantially written but I'm still finishing them off- hope to publish around Christmas time. However, if you pop me an email via the address on my shop there might be one final round of play-testng...

  7. Brilliant, thanks Simon. I will do that.

    The Italian Wars is my other period of interest, and I am keen to start try TTS for that period too.

  8. I have a half written Italian Wars supplement. That needs finishing! Too little time....